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There’s a lot more to porting cylinder heads than just hogging out the runners and looking for big CFM numbers.

Initial Analysis
Prior to porting, each cylinder head undergoes a comprehensive analysis to determine the requirements for the intended purpose of the engine. Crucial aspects of the engine's components are entered into a special software application and requirements to meet the design goal are determined.


Port lengths, cross sectional areas, valve size, bore, stroke, connecting rod length, camshaft parameters, mean piston speed, intended Peak Horsepower RPM are key data elements that comprise the total engine package.

Below is a video of a typical flow test being conducted on a street ported Kawasaki KZ 1000 cylinder head with our C&D Blue Box and CDDAMS Software.

For greatest accuracy and repeatability, we use our own C&D Blue Box for Data Capture & Analysis on our Flow Bench

The single most important piece of information a good cylinder head porter needs to know is how the bike will be ridden

The cylinder head & cam shafts need to compliment each other. A Ported Kawasaki Cylinder Head can help improve performance with stock cams but the flow gains  are better realized when the correct cams are selected. This goes right back to the first paragraph. Knowing how the customer will ride the bike.

For comparison, let’s compare the famous 83 GPz11 cylinderhead  with 38/32.5 valve combo to the KZ 900/1000 head with 36/30 valve combo. The stock GPz11 head flows 84CFM @ 10 inches of water  while  the KZ flows 68CFM @ 10”.  The Gpz ports are enormous compared to the KZ. They’re really too big for a 1075cc street motor.

All engines are the sum of their parts. It all comes down to understanding how the components work together as to how successful the engine will be for the customer. With the right combination of carburetors, cams  & porting, all engines can be improved in performance & efficiency. Porting levels must be selected based on what the customer is trying to achieve for his particular motorcycle’s performance.

When you’re ready to proceed with your engine build, contact me and I’ll help you select the proper components with the correct level of porting to make your project a success.


83 - 85 Gpz11 w/ 38.6/33 Valves

 Ported KZ Head w/ 38/31 Valves

J Head w/ 38.6/32 Valves

Kawasaki KZ & J Motor Combustion Chambers

C&D Technologies Blue Box wth CDDAMS Flow Bench Software C&D Technologies Blue Box Digital Flow Bench Manometer and Software