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A little about me

Motorcycles I’ve had

I first got involved in motorcycles in about 1971. My first bike was a  Suzuki T125 Twin cylinder stroke. I was just 16 and it was my first, street legal transportation. All around me were the older guys riding those beautiful Kawasaki Triples. “One day”...I thought...”one day I’ll have one too”...

That day arrived with a 1971 Kawaski 500 Triple. Anyone who’s ridden one of them can appreciate the thrill factor they produced at 6000 RPM. If you’ve ever ridden one, you’ll never forget it.

In 1979 I bought myself  a brand new LTD 1000. That’s the bike you see in the photo on the bottom right of this page. I found what was left of it in 2006  and created what you see here .  That bike will soon be on it’s way to Australia.  

Following the LTD came a new Ninja 900 in  84, frame # 70. What a bike! Wish I still had it.

Why I do this  work


  It all started with the little Suzuki. It wasn’t fast enough to suit me...... Everything  just compounded from there.  For some reason, making motorcycles go faster became a passion and later on, a way to make a living doing something I enjoyed.

I like working with my hands and using my brain to improve the way things work and look. What ever has been created can be improved on over time.  

Over the years, I became interested in the science of internal combustion engines. There’s a lot of math involved so I liked that as well.  As time went  by I built my own flowbench, then computerized it, then created my own software to collect and  analyze  the airflow data in ways that are meaningful and helpful.

What keeps me motivated is the joy that customers got out of their bikes. I like receiving emails from customers after they’ve completed their projects. The guys I’ve built engines for or ported heads for have put together some awesome motorcycles. Having a part in the process  gives me a sense of satisfaction.

On the customers page you’ll find photos of some of the projects I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved with. I thank each of those people for allowing me that honor.