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The first test boxes have shipped to our testers.  Aluminum Case, Stainless Steel Hose Fittings, Micro USB.

November 29, 2015 Status Update: - The first boxes are in the field being tested. The month of December should yield the feedback we need in order to be confident there will be no software issues. So far testing on Windows 7 & 8.1 has been positive. We are not going to include XP as an acceptable platform. XP was a good O.S. But it’s time to move on as it’s now 3 operating systems old and not supported by Microsoft anymore.  There is a possibility that we will support Windows Vista but that’s not carved in stone just yet. As of now, Windows 10 remains to be tested.

We will be offering 2 models and there will be
NO UPGRADE CHARGE for the 100” sensor model as long as prices don’t increase for us. We cannot justify charging more when the price for that sensor is the same as our Standard Model.

Below are screen shots of our C&D Digital Airflow Management System that will ship with our “Blue Box”.  I’ve strived to make this software package feature rich while equally striving to keep it Easy To Use with a logical user interface that puts the controls in convenient locations.  

You can do everything from combo box selections, command buttons, check boxes, radio buttons and slider bars. Virtually the only typing you’ll have to do is Customer Information data and your initial orifice setup data. Even the
orifice setup has been streamlined to Keep It Simple. Flow Test & Customer Data are stored in database tables with the click of a button.

main form is where you do your flow data capturing. You can use the Capture Button or simply hit the enter key on your keyboard to grab the data. After each port has been completed, click the Send To Data Analysis Button to to store it in memory.  
When all captures have been completed, simply click on the CHART and you’ll be taken directly to the
Data Analysis Form to fill in your port and valve data. Analysis happens once that data has been entered. Actually, while it’s being entered….

The Data Analysis Form is basically “ground zero”.  I’ve included the ability to chart the “in memory” data, before it’s saved or discarded. This should prove a handy feature. You can add up to 4 pictures of your port work. Once you’ve decided you want to keep the data, simply add a customer and whatever amount of data you wish to associate with that particular customer and click the SAVE Icon on the Customer Toolbar. You will then be prompted to save the Analyzed Flow Data to that Customer.

Saved [Archived]
Flow Tests can be viewed immediately from the  Data Analysis Form by clicking the Load Test Button [also available on the Main Form Menu].  A Flow Reports Form will open. From the Flow Reports Form you can click the Chart Icon on Flow Tests Toolbar to be taken to the Archived Data Charting Form where you’ll have numerous charting options available. In addition Print Basic or Full Flow Reports or Export them to PDF, Excel or MS Word.

Built in over pressure warnings keep you appraised while testing. Printable, exportable flow reports a the click of mouse.

Minor software updates will be free. As time permits a full cylinder head porters shop package is being developed.


C&D Digital Airflow Management System Test In Progress Charting C&D Digital Airflow Management Data Capturing C&D Digital Airflow Management Arhived Data Charting C&D Digital Airflow Management System Flow Test Data C&D Digital Airflow Management System Sensor Calibration C&D Digital Airflow Management System Sensor Calibration C&D Digital Airflow Management System Flow Test Data C&D Digital Airflow Management System Flow Test Data

Added New Feature to allow saving of 4 Image Files for each Flow Test Conducted

October 23, 2015 - Added New Feature to allow users to save up to 4 Image files for each flow test conducted!




C&D Digital Airflow Management Data CapturingC&D Digital Airflow Management Data Analysis

Capture Flow Data

Analyze & Save The Captured Data

Chart The Data

Retrieve Captured Data

Simple Orifice Configuration

Ability to Adjust Your Box If Desired

Basic Piston CFM Demand Calculations

Store Images of Your Port Work With The Test Data

The Blue Box

C&D Digital Airflow Management System Flow Test Data

Print Base or Full Flow Reports Or Export Them to PDF, Excel or Word

November 14, 2015

We’ve made our deadline to have the initial boxes ready for our testers by Thanksgiving!  In the works is another major announcement….

November 21, 2015 C&D System being put through the paces on very healthy flow bench in Pa.

Announcing The Return of Made In America Quality

Design Concept

Testing sealed bench for leakage video at 81 In/H2O.

No leaks for this flow bench

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