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Customer Rides From Around The World

Dave Damato - Phoenix Arizona

1976 KZ900

A fine example of classic 70’s Kawasaki styling with modern suspension upgrades.

Dave picked up this bike in very rough condition and transformed it into the beautiful machine you see here. Best part for me is I made a good friend through my involvement with this project.

Cavanaugh Racing Street Ported Head

1075cc MTC Pistons from Joe Hooper

1984 Kawasaki GPz11  Cams

Keihin CRS29 Carburetors

Kerker Exhaust

Sander Knook - San Diego California

1975 KZ900

Here’s one that takes you back in time.

Sander is an employee of Airtech  with a knack for proving that there are times when “less  is more”. Sander put a lot of effort  into keeping the bike light.

1075cc  Wiseco Pistons
Cavanaugh Racing Stage 1 Head  with 38/31 valves
Web 110 Cams
Keihin CRS31  Carburetors
Custom “Sander Knook” 4/1 Exhaust

Mark Saunders - Ontario Canada

1975 KZ900

Big Red Brute

Mark dug this KZ out of a 20 year hibernation to cure a problem  with his wrist.  He’s got himself a severe case of WFO Syndrome!

To help further satisfy his need for speed he went through the suspension and upgraded to the later ZRX  components. This bike is constantly undergoing transformations. Mark’s  quest for perfection is never ending and his ambition to pursue it is endless.....

1197cc  Wiseco Pistons
Cavanaugh Racing Stage 1 Head  with 33.5/31 valves
Yosh Cams
Mikuni RS34 Carburetors
Kerker Header

1980 B4 LTD1000

Blue & Bad To The Bone

Mark did a ground up restoration on this beautiful LTD. The bike had to be more than pretty, it had to fly as well. Marks no stranger to fast KZ’s and knew  exactly what  he wanted. You’ll be hard pressed to find a finger print, much less a spec of dirt one one of his bikes. Maintenance is his middle name and he’s a mechanic by trade so it comes naturaly.

1197CC Wiseco Pistons
Cavanaugh Racing Street Ported Head
RS34 Mikui Carburetors
Falicon Super Crank
MTC Transmissiion

Mark Gartner - Hammel Illinois

Wayne Cullen - Leonay NSW Australia

1976 Z900

Australian’s also get KZ Fever. Wayne has it and the prognosis is “There is no Cure”.

Wayne created this beautiful & spotlessly clean KZ. Another “clean is mean” Kawasaki with  go to back up the show. Wayne doesn’t just sit in the garage polishing his bike. He’s on it every chance he gets. Maybe one day I’ll get the opportunity to meet Wayne in person.

1075cc Wiseco Pistons
Cavanaugh Racing Street Ported Head
Web 118 Cams
Keihin CRS31mm Carburetors

More to come


Andy Luckadoo - Ft. Wayne Indania

1978 KZ1000 LTD

Mid Western Muscle.

Another customer from the heartland of America with KZ Fever. Andy and I  talked  several times over about a 6 month period about his bike before he was ready to ship the head for port work.  He knew exactly what type of performance he wanted and was not going to let any budget constraints prevent him from achieving his goal.

1075cc Wiseco Pistons
Cavanaugh Racing Stage 1 Ported Head
APE K410 Cams, springs, studs etc.
Mikuni RS34 Carburetors
Beautiful Starr Racing Header

Ron is a land speed racer that has run Kawasaki based bikes at Bonneville & El Mirage since 1988.  This spring he became a customer and  called recently to let me know his top speed improved by 15MPH at El Mirage after installing one of our Stage 1  Heads on his bike. No other changes were made at the time.

Ron’s Testimonial to the performance improvements can be read here.

998 cc KZ
Engle .410 Cams
Mikuni VM33 Carbretors
Stage 1  Cavanaugh  Racing Head

Ron  Buzbee - Van Nuys California

Scott’s beautiful KZ is a 1075cc engine with a CRH street ported head and stock cams. I built the engine in  2010. Scott added  the Keihin CRS29 carburetors in 2011.  As you can see from the photos,  the bike is kept immaculate. One of the few  face to face customers I get  these days. We enjoyed a nice lunch together when  he visited  the shop.

Keihin CRS29
Street Porfed Cavanaugh  Racing Head

Here’s an email I received from Scott about his engine rebuild.

Hey Larry!

Haven't spoken with you in a while, just wanted to say thanks for everything. You did a fantastic job on my engine, it runs as good as it looks, and I always get people checking out and asking about it. The time you spent answering all my questions, attention to details and telling me everything I would need to know after it was back in the frame, really shows your dedication to your customers. Your help made everything a lot easier for me, and that's really appreciated. Taking my engine to you was a very good choice.

Thanks again Larry,

Scott Petrasek

Scott Petrasek -  Connecticut

1978 KZ1000

Dave’s 1978 KZ was recently rebuilt by Max at Performance Engineering in Nashville TN. Dave contacted me about a Stage 1 Port job for his ‘83 GPz11 head that he purchased for his rebuild. The engine is 1260cc with APE K435 cams and Mikuni  RS36 Carburetors. The head utilizes stock Gpz valves.

The bike previously had a ported KZ head ported by another shop. When Dave got the Gpz head back from me he was a little shocked when he looked at the ports. They were cut a lot more agressively  than  the ported KZ head.

The engine combo Dave selected is a great  setup for the street. It’s big but not too big. The cams & carburetors are not over kill.  That allows me to setup the cylinder head the way I know will enhance the rest of the components and make strong pulling power without having to down shift to get at the meat of the power band.

Today I got this text message from Dave along with the photos after he got a chance to ride the bike.

“Larry, you do awesome work. The motor runs exactly like you said it would. Unbelievable how much  torque this motor has at any RPM.

Dave Bird

If you’re in the Nashville area and looking for a good engine builder or performance parts, Max is the guy to talk to. He’s a  big Suzuki fan as well and very experienced with that brand as well.

David Bird - Nashville TN

Joe Vinci - Webster NY

Long, Low, Mean & Clean!

1975 KZ900, Upstate N.Y. Style

Here’s a prime example of “attention to details”. Joe put a lot of effort into this 1327cc hot  rod.  It’s got all the internals to make it run like it looks “ BAD ASS”.  This isn’t the first one of these hot rod’s he’s put together either but this one his his latest example.

You wont’ likely see another one quite like it unless you happen to be in the Webster NY area  where you might catch a glimpse of the blue one or the black one he built.

Joe weighs in at 185 lbs. With a Shenko tire and no wheelie bar he cranks out 9.30s. He feels with a light rider the bike can go into the 8’s.

1327  CC
Cavanaugh Racing Stage 1 J Model  Head
Web Cams 122/125 Cam Combo
Mikuni  Flat Slides
FBG  Transmission with shift pattern conversion

Justin Schmidt - Hellertown Pa.

Green & Mean

1979KZ1000 LTD, Upstate N.Y. Style

This  project has been personally  rewarding for me.  Justin is from an area of Pa where I worked at  Tri City  Kawasaki back in the mid 80’s. He’s about  the same age now as I was back then.  Justin picked a great street combo. The result is a well done classic  Kawasaki with plenty  of  pulling power. Even with 3 less teeth on the rear sprocket to keep cruising RPM down it  still pulls super strong  through the mid range with a wicked kick at  6000 RPM that quickly  sends the tach needle into the red zone.

Justin is fortunate to have some older, old school drag racers as personal friends who have steered him in the right direction with advice. This has been a very enjoyable project for me!

Wiseco 1075 Piston Kit
Cam Motion Z1 Grind Cams
Kibble White Valves, Ti  Retainers & Springs
Mikuni RS34 Carbs
CRH Street Ported Head
Kerker Pipe

Dan Combs -  Jackson Ohio

1981 KZ1000 LTD Muscle Cruiser

Dan’s bike is another fine example of clean and mean. He wanted something that didn’t have the head aches of shim under valve adjustments, plenty of torque and total street reliability. We discussed his goals and decided on the following engine combo. Dan put a lot of effort into his bike. I guarantee he’ll catch some unsuspecting sport  bike owners off guard and lay waste to them in red light to red light competition.

CRH Street Head with 38.6mm Intakes 97CFM at 10” @.400” lift
MTC 1135 Pistons from Joe Hooper at Pittstop Performance
APE K410 cams , Tensioner, Studs, Head Nuts, etc.
RS36 Flat Slide Mikuni Carbs from Schnitz Racing
84 GPz11 Trans
B7B 12 Row Oil Cooler
FBG Crank
Kerker Pipe

Lee Shamblee - San Antonio Texas

1978 KZ1000 LTD Texas Style

Lee built this bike last year and had all sorts of issues with it leaking oil. This winter he  decided to send me the head, pistons and block. I set him up with oversize intake valves, street porting, Web 109 Grind cams, APE buckets and springs. He also added a rack of RS34  Mikuni Flat Slides. Oil leaks are gone and another ripping 1075 Kawasaki with CRH powered cylinder head hits the streets running strong and looking good as well.

CRH Street  Ported Head with oversize intake valves
Web 109 grind Cams
APE Buckets, Valve Springs & Studs
Wiseco 1075 Piston Kit
Mikuni RS34 Flat Slide Carburetors
Yoshimura Pipe

Doug Seibert - Canada

1976 Z1000

Doug brought this KZ back to life with a 1075 Weseco Kit, CRH Street Ported Head,  Web 118 Grind Cams &  Wired  George Rebuilt Carburetors. More pics are headed my way to post up here.

CRH Street  Ported Head
Web 118 grind Cams
Wiseco 1075 Piston Kit
Hindle Pipe

Greg Coyne- Boyertown Pennsylvania

1428cc KZ Powered Hill Climber

Greg brought me the engine to ring some more HP out of it. It came in with a stock J Head, 1428 cc Wiseco Big Block, Kenny  Harmon L1 .403 Lift cams , 38mm Trons on a KZ900 bottom end with a welded crank,  Modified Clutch Basket & ony enough transmission gears to run in second gear.

The motor leaked down at less than 3% across the board so after inspecting the bottom end the focus is on making this bad boy breathe.  The head gets larger  APE intake valves, new Web sticks, APE Tappets, Guides  & Seals , Kibble White  .500 lift springs.

CRH Stage  1 Ported Head J Model Head
Web 122/125 Cams
Wiseco 1428  KZ Piston Kit
38mm Lectron Carbs

Rick Penter, Columbus Ohio

1260cc Street Bike

Rick’s 77 KZ1000 was upgraded from  1075 to 1260cc with the addition of a Wiseco big block with 10:.25:1 pistons.  He went through the entire bike adding extended swing arm , wheels etc. to bring it up to his personal standards. Top it off with new  beautiful paint job and you have a classic Kawasaki dragbike for the street.

CRH Stage  1 Ported Head
Web 110 Cams
Wiseco 12600 KZ Piston Kit
36mm Mikuni Carbs
Pearson Crankshaft & undercut transmission

Rick’s Comments on the engine are Here


Ed Fox, New York NY

1075cc MKII

Ed’s MKII got  a full engine rebuild to bring it up to 1075cc with improved breathing capabilities. Being a fan of classic Japanese motorcycles, he knew exactly what he wanted out of the engine, more power with complete reliability and plenty of torque for Street riding.

CRH Stage  Street Ported Head
APE K410 Cams
Wiseco 1075 KZ Piston Kit
CRS29i Carbs
Welded Crank
APE Stainiless Valves, HD studs and Tool Steel Head Nuts