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Hey Larry!

Haven't spoken with you in a while, just wanted to say thanks for everything. You did a fantastic job on my engine, it runs as good as it looks, and I always get people checking out and asking about it.

The head work by Larry made a huge difference in the performance of my bike. Picking up almost 15 miles per hours on the lake is a big deal.

Thank you Larry. You do awesome work.

The motor runs exactly like you said it would. Unbelievable  how much torque this motor has at any RPM.

Our philosophy is simple. Give the customer top quality custom work for a fair price & stand behind it.

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Cavanaugh Racing Heads Kawasaki at El Mirage

Competition tested at such places as El Mirage & Willow Springs. Cavanaugh Racing Ported Kawasaki Heads make horsepower!

Cavanaugh Racing Heads Ported Kawasaki at Willow Springs Race Way

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Cavanaugh Racing  Heads Media Blasted Engine Cases Cavanaugh Racing Heads Ported Kawasaki KZ1000 Cylinder Head

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Salt - Dirt - Asphalt The versatile KZ engine has proven it’s potential for competition for Four Decades

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