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KZ Head or J Head-  Street Port With Valve Job -  20% Avg. flow gain. Nice performance boost for street and touring type riding with Drop In Cams.  This head works even with stock cams although a drop in grind such as  Web 118 or Cam Motion Z2 really are the  ticket to  extracting the potential of this porting and giving great bottom end torque.

- Multi Angle  Valve Job

- Guides Replaced as needed or by customer request

- Suggested cam lift .360" - ...410"  

- Suggested motor size 900cc - 1075cc.


KZ or J Head - Stage I Porting 30% Avg. flow gain. Great Head for High Performance Street or Track Use.  This head is great for a real hot rod 1075 motor or 1197 motor. This head  can  also be used on 998 or 1015 cc motors that are setup for racing.

The head is setup for more top end punch than the street cut porting but can easily be run on the street as well. Oversize Stainless Intake Valves are installed with stock size Stainless Exhaust Valves. This is the same porting that picked up 15MPH on top end at  El Mirage on a 998cc motor with no other changes.

 Suggested motor size 998  to 1200cc.

 Suggested cam lift .390" - .435"  for street applications


KZ or J Head - Stage II Porting  - 35% Avg. flow gain.

 Super Gas or Big Block Street Motors. Call to discuss your particular engine combo &  setup.

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Valve Job [8 Valve Head] -labor only -   Without Guide Replacement


Valve Job [8 Valve Head] labor only -  & Replace Guides


Reface  and Tip Valve Stems 8 Valves


Resurface Deck


Clearance Tappet Bores


Install 1st oversize Valves [4]


Bench Shim Cylinder Head [labor]


Flow Test your cylinder head [head already clean]  Per side


Single Cylinder 4 Valve Head Porting - Stock Size Valves


Single Cylinder 4 Valve Head 1st Over size Valve Install [4]


KZ or J Engine Rebuilds


Pricing for Services

All ported heads receive the following work, regardless of porting level.

We can setup your cylinder head for any engine combo or application. Below are the  most  common porting packages based on traditional KZ engine builds.